We talked about Alneo and PosBasit in Mall Report.

25 December 2023

We had a detailed interview with Mall Report about the steps that will take you forward in the Mobile Pos world.

Kozmos joins forces with TESYÖN “International Facility Managers Association!”

6 December 2023

We have realized an important cooperation between Cosmos and TESYÖN.

Our CEO Hasan Sami Bayansar Was the Guest of Digital Finance Program on Bloomberg HT!

30 Nowember 2023

Our General Manager Hasan Sami Bayansar evaluated the latest developments in the Fintech sector and Insha GSYF.



We were live on the Sputnik Radio!

16 February 2022

We were guests of Serhat Ayan's “Yeni Şeyler Rehberi” broadcast on Sputnik Radio.

We were the guest of Çetin Ünsalan on Endüstri Radio!

09 February 2022

NakitBasit Senior Sales and Growth Manager Kutluhan Şabik was the guest of the Reel Piyasalar broadcast presented by Çetin Ünsalan on Endüstri Radio.

How will Banking-as-a-Service model affect the FinTech Industry?

03 February 2022

We were on the Financial Technology Program published by Sefer Yüksel on Bloomberg HT!

Our 2022 predictions for the FinTech industry

02 February 2022

Our Deputy CEO Hasan Sami Bayansar was the guest of the İş Dünyası program presented by Celal Toprak on TGRT Haber.

The Conveniences Offered by NakitBasit and the 2022 Roadmap

01 February 2022

We answered Melis Kobal's questions as a guest of the Fintech Dünyası broadcast on Ekotürk TV.

Meet Our Apartment and Building Complex Management Platform Kozmos!

31 January 2022

Kozmos, a digital collection platform that enables building complex and apartment managers to manage their income on a single platform, facilitates building complex and apartment management.



PosBasit is Coming to Change the World of E-Commerce

19 July 2021

PosBasit, which we developed as a virtual POS solution, is starting a new era in the world of e-commerce.

Our CEO Yakup Sezer Answered the Questions of E-Girişim.

12 July 2021

Our CEO Yakup Sezer answered the questions of Hilmi Öğütcü, Founder of E-Girişim, on the establishment story of Insha Ventures, the services needed by fintechs and Insha Ventures' contributions to fintech startups.

Our CEO Yakup Sezer Was the Guest of Digital Finance Program on Ekotürk TV!

8 July 2021

As a guest of the Digital Finance Program presented by İskender Ada on Ekotürk TV, our CEO Yakup Sezer shared with us all the details about digital banking such as digital banking license, payment systems, electronic money, digital onboarding via video call.

We Held Our Webinar On Open Banking and the Future of Open Banking!

7 July 2021

In our webinar on open banking and the future of open banking, we talked about all the details about open banking, which brings fintechs and banks together and offers collaborative working opportunities.

Our CEO Yakup Sezer, was the guest of Şenol Vatansever's "Technology and Future" Program on BengüTürk TV

22 June 2021

Our CEO Yakup Sezer was the guest of Şenol Vatansever's "Technology and Future" program on BengüTürk TV on Sunday, May 23rd.

'Financial Technologies Integration' Award from CIBAFI to Insha Ventures Financial Technologies!

7 June 2021

We won the 'Financial Technologies Integration' Award from CIBAFI (General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions) with our financial technology solutions and Albaraka Türk banking integration!

We Realized Our Webinar Themed ‘Digital Revolution in Bond Payments’!”

2 June 2021

We realized our webinar themed "Digital Revolution in Bond Payments" with participated Insha Ventures Director Hasan Sami Bayansar, Semosis Manager Vahdettin Çılgın and Product Manager Fatih Boz.

We Realized Our Webinar Themed “A New Era Begins in Alneo!”

22 May 2021

We held our webinar themed "A New Era Begins in Alneo!" on April 29th, 2021 at 15:00 with a live broadcast on Insha Ventures Youtube channel.

Hasan Sami Bayansar has been a guest speaker at Digital Finance program; on EkoTürk TV

18 May 2021

Insha Ventures Director Hasan Sami Bayansar was the guest of the Digital Finance program hosted by İskender Ada on Ekotürk TV. On the live broadcast which was held on Ekotürk TV Youtube channel at 15:00 on May 4th 2021, Hasan Sami Bayansar answered the questions of İskender Ada on digital onbarding at the financial sector.

Albaraka API Platform; “The API Platform of the Year”

29 April 2021

In terms of user experience, Albaraka API platform was chosen as “the Best API Platform” of the year by BirAPI Open Banking Solutions.

Digital Onboarding and approval processes are now digitalised by Kimlikbasit…

19 April 2021

KimlikBasit is an online identity management platform that we have implemented in cooperation with Identify Turkey. Discover more on KimlikBasit by exploring its new website…

We accelerate digital transformation…

16 April 2021

Kobi Efor Digital hosted Insha Ventures in their April cover.

We attended CIBAFI – ICD Webinar on Open Banking

8 March 2021

Yakup Sezer has been a guest speaker at Cibafi webinar; on “Open Banking: A Driving Force for Islamic Banking Growth and Development”, held on 8 March 2021.

Insha Ventures; continues to shape the sector with its successive collaborations through Albaraka API platform…

26 February 2021

In cooperation with Ozan, which brings individual users and SMEs together with financial services, Ozan SuperApp users will be able to perform many financial services ranging from precious metal buy-sell to invoice payments, foreign currency buy-sell to virtual IBAN through Albaraka API platform infrastructure in a fast and secure manner.

This time we are disrupting the ATM’s, thanks to NakitBasit!

26 February 2021

When we look at the point where open banking has come in the world, we see that multi-account holders can work closely with many service providers.

ApiConnect has expanded its portfolio of services.

3 February 2021

ApiConnect increased its services to 8 main categories and 46 banking APIs.

Banks will be able to acquire new customers remotely with KimlikBasit

1 January 2021

Insha Ventures, brings its digital customer onboarding process experience with insha in Germany to Turkey.



Alneo reached the daily highest transaction volume

10 December 2020

Alneo, who turned mobile phones into pos devices with innovative solutions, had a successful day.

Fintech with principles raises €2.5m for European expansion

20 October 2020

insha concludes seed financing with Turkish payment service provider Param

7/24 Access to SEMOSIS will be available

4 October 2020

SEMOSIS, a web-based collection platform that brings together all parties and all transactions related to commercial papers (bonds) processed in the banks in a central structure.

NakitBasit application launches in October 2020

7 September 2020

The project was implemented by insha Ventures in order to conclude the access to the cash quickly for the end consumers. With Nakitbasit the chain stores will turn into ATM points.

Albaraka Türk is transforming its fintech products into insha Ventures company

1 September 2020

Albaraka Türk is establishing a new company with a capital of 10 million TL for its Fintechs. Albaraka Türk decided to gather its financial technology services under a separate subsidiary.

In Alneo, the number of remote payments increased by 225 percent

1 June 2020

With Alneo, both large companies and SMEs are getting further away from the POS devices and avoiding the potential risk of spreading the virus.

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