How will Banking-as-a-Service model affect the FinTech Industry?

03 February 2022

We were on the Financial Technology Program published by Sefer Yüksel on Bloomberg HT!

As a FinTech who is a FinTech founder, we initially established our own FinTechs. As one of the leading founders of the FinTech ecosystem, we will continue to lead the development of the ecosystem and to support the ecosystem with the new projects we will implement in the coming period, and to make the life of individuals, startups and institutions easier. We will develop stronger collaborations with products and initiatives that contribute to the FinTech ecosystem. In 2022, Insha Ventures will grow with investments.

Insha Ventures will continue its activities as a FinTech factory. As new technologies develop, FinTech companies are positioned at a very key point for the financial sector. This creates both competitive and collaboration opportunities in the medium and long term for fintech startups, which offer very different opportunities and possibilities to their customers. As Insha Ventures, we make strong collaborations while implementing our services. We have a different position in the sector in terms of the number of business partnerships. We have cooperated with many brands that are experts and the best in their fields. We are growing together with our business partners.

Banking-as-a-Service regulation will pave the way for the sector. Our experience in Germany is based on Banking-as-a-Service model. Our infrastructure preparations are completed. We started working with our corporate customers with the Banking-as-a-Service model model. 2021 has been a year that we have revived our FinTechs. In 2022, we aim to fully expand these products and bring them to the maturity stage and focus on investment opportunities.

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