We were live on the Sputnik Radio!

16 February 2022

We were guests of Serhat Ayan's “Yeni Şeyler Rehberi” broadcast on Sputnik Radio.

We talked about Insha Ventures' innovative financial technology products and our NakitBasit application that we have recently launched, which transforms grocery stores and bill payment centers into ATMs.

As Insha Ventures, we focused on fintech development with our financial know-how. We recently launched NakitBasit that is one of our 9 fintech products. NakitBasit is a fintech that offers ATM-free ATM channels. Using your mobile phone, you can withdraw money from bill payment centers, money transfer centers, grocery stores and gas stations that will be among our business partners in the near future.

With the open banking regulations that will be announced as of March, NakitBasit will incorporate 10 different banks to its structure. Thus, our users will be able to withdraw money by choosing one of their individual accounts in these 10 different banks. NakitBasit also offers many advantages for our business partners. By being among the business partners of NakitBasit, banks get rid of ATM investment purchases, operation costs and maintenance-repair fees. Cash management becomes easier for our business partners, who are among the cash withdrawal points of NakitBasit.

For more about Insha Ventures and the world of NakitBasit, you can watch the full broadcast. Click for the full broadcast!

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