Our 2022 predictions for the FinTech industry

02 February 2022

Our Deputy CEO Hasan Sami Bayansar was the guest of the İş Dünyası program presented by Celal Toprak on TGRT Haber.

How does Turkey use technology in the financial sector? What is financial technology? We shared the answers to such questions on the program.

Financial technologies are actually the finance we carry in our pockets. They conquer the heart of the consumers with the convenience and advantages they offer. As new technologies and new financial applications emerge, consumers continue to adapt. Previously, consumers used to meet their cash needs through ATMs. With our NakitBasit application, you can now withdraw the money in your bank accounts from the stores, bill payment points or money transfer centers. Therefore, problems such as looking for an ATM and being victimized by malfunctioning ATMs are eliminated. NakitBasit especially contributes to the reduction of ATM investment and operation costs of banks. NakitBasit, which has been piloting for 1 year, is an application developed under the assurance of the bank as a subsidiary of Albaraka Türk bank.

With the digital transformation in banking, we have built and continue to develop fintechs that end users’ needs in terms of finance. We aim to appeal to all customers in the finance ecosystem.

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