We were the guest of Çetin Ünsalan on Endüstri Radio!

09 February 2022

NakitBasit Senior Sales and Growth Manager Kutluhan Şabik was the guest of the Reel Piyasalar broadcast presented by Çetin Ünsalan on Endüstri Radio.

NakitBasit provides cash withdrawal from 1,172 points in Turkey as an alternative to ATMs. Şabik talked about how grocery stores and payment points turned into ATMs with NakitBasit. He explained how NakitBasit works for everyone. He gave details about the contributions of NakitBasit to users, banks and business partners.

Şabik said, “As NakitBasit, we facilitate the cash management of our business partners. We direct the customers in their location to the branches of these business partners and contribute to gaining new customers. ATM operations of banks are very difficult and costly. Together with NakitBasit, we can offer thousands of ATM points to banks with a single integration. This both reduces operational and investment costs and increases customer satisfaction.”

Sharing his views on the world of fintech and new generation payment systems, Şabik said that with the new regulations, digital banks would find more place in our lives and that digital banks can choose NakitBasit for their ATM needs.

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