This time we are disrupting the ATM’s, thanks to NakitBasit!

26 February 2021

When we look at the point where open banking has come in the world, we see that multi-account holders can work closely with many service providers.

For this reason, we are opening NakitBasit to the whole ecosystem. We will offer this revolutionary service not only to our bank customers but also to all financial consumers who have an account in a bank or an e-money institution. We will share our technology with them.

With NakitBasit all financial consumers will be able to easily access the cash in their accounts without the need for an additional device, like ATMs, from the well-known retail chains or gas stations with intense penetration in every street and in every neighborhood.

We believe that a world where users complete everything within the application and only use their retail safe for money entry and exit is not a dream.

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