Meet Our Apartment and Building Complex Management Platform Kozmos!

31 January 2022

Kozmos, a digital collection platform that enables building complex and apartment managers to manage their income on a single platform, facilitates building complex and apartment management. Thanks to Kozmos, managers can perform the budget calculation and management, keep track of debts and receivables, receive payments, communicate easily with residents through the platform, and follow up the execution processes.

With Kozmos, managers are relieved of the burden of making hundreds of phone calls for their creditors and making collections by going door to door. You can become a member of Kozmos, where you can perform your transactions through a single platform, completely free of charge and easily. Soon, institutions and organizations that receive regular payments, such as shopping malls, hospitals, dormitories will be able to benefit from the privileges of Kozmos, which will make easier the lives of not only managers but also residents of the complex.

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