Our CEO Yakup Sezer, was the guest of Şenol Vatansever's "Technology and Future" Program on BengüTürk TV

22 June 2021

Our CEO Yakup Sezer was the guest of Şenol Vatansever's "Technology and Future" program on BengüTürk TV on Sunday, May 23rd.

Yakup Sezer enlightened us about the future of the fintech ecosystem and talked about artificial intelligence technologies that rapidly developing on digital banking. Providing information about the advantages of license applications in digital banking, especially for fintech companies, Sezer shared his views on the benefits and challenges of open banking, new generation online payment systems, and digital transformation processes in the financial sector such as digital onboarding.

We would like to thank BengüTürk TV for giving us a place in this valuable program. To watch the whole broadcast: Link

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