Albaraka API Platform; “The API Platform of the Year”

29 April 2021

In terms of user experience, Albaraka API platform was chosen as “the Best API Platform” of the year by BirAPI Open Banking Solutions. BirApi is a company that tracks and evaluates Public APIs of public and private banks which have developer portals since the beginning of 2019.

We hereby continue to make an impression in the sector in the field of open banking.

Currently, the platform has 63 banking APIs under 8 headings; including accounts, payments, money transfer, credit / financing, credit card, information technologies, investment products and analysis.

Our main goal is to transform the Albaraka API Platform into a brand new FinTech formation under the umbrella of APIConnect by adding e-money, cryptocurrency and insurance APIs in the near future and to provide end-to-end licensing, technology and growth consultancy to start-ups.

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