Our CEO Yakup Sezer Answered the Questions of E-Girişim.

12 July 2021

Our CEO Yakup Sezer answered the questions of Hilmi Öğütcü, Founder of E-Girişim, on the establishment story of Insha Ventures, the services needed by fintechs and Insha Ventures' contributions to fintech startups.

Sezer said, “The fintech ecosystem is a very wide ecosystem. Here, we are developing a new category in the form of a venture that build ventures or a fintech that builds fintechs. As Insha Ventures, we are currently managing and growing 8 different fintechs in 4 different categories. Venture Builder is a new concept for Turkey. There are so many opportunities. Insha Ventures is a structure that acts like an institution, establishes fintech, identifies needs, transforms it into a product very quickly, places it on a growth journey and carries out sales-marketing and operations.

Expressing that we first met with the Fintech Ventures Builder concept in Germany, Sezer said that as Insha Ventures, we had transfered our experience to Turkey with a new concept called ‘fintech builder as a service’, brought this concept to Turkey by incorporating our own culture and experience and that we would enable fintechs to build their ventures without dealing with problems such as licensing and API.

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