The Conveniences Offered by NakitBasit and the 2022 Roadmap

01 February 2022

We answered Melis Kobal's questions as a guest of the Fintech Dünyası broadcast on Ekotürk TV.

What is NakitBasit, how does it work, what conveniences does it offer to users? How has the pandemic affected the financial sector? NakitBasit Senior Sales and Growth Manager Kutluhan Şabik shared his views about NakitBasit, which is our product that we have recently launched, as a guest of the Fintech Dünyası broadcast on Ekotürk TV.

Cash usage is still quite high in Turkey. The average withdrawn amount from common ATMs is 950 TL. In other words, since the people cannot find the ATM of their own bank in their immediate surroundings, they go to the common ATM. At this point, we meet the needs of consumers. When we add other banks and the wallets of e-money institutions to our application, we will appeal to a much larger audience. The bank, which has the largest ATM network in Turkey, has 7,300 ATMs. Our main goal is to reach 10,000 alternative points to ATMs with NakitBasit. We are currently at 1,172 points in Turkey. We believe that we will benefit both consumers and our business partners in terms of both time and cost savings. We will add different banks to our application with the changing regulations.

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