We attended CIBAFI – ICD Webinar on Open Banking

8 March 2021

Yakup Sezer has been a guest speaker at Cibafi webinar; on “Open Banking: A Driving Force for Islamic Banking Growth and Development”, held on 8 March 2021.

It is worth mentioning that both the installation process of these products and the process of growing independently fromthe corporation is Albaraka Türk CEO Melikşah Utku’s interest to the technology.

As we all know, fintech ecosystem has revolutionized the global financial industry – it has not merely changed the way consumers interact with their banking institutions, it has also upended long-established business practices and internal workflows. With regards to the opportunities associated with the open banking, first of all we can say open banking allows clients to centralise financial management of all their accounts in one place. Banks on the other hand, benefit from providing a better and smoother experience as well as cooperation with third- party providers. What is challenging in here is the competition along way. It’s as easy as to build something new and some one who try to do the same thing. But accalareted with the pandemic is another important point that shows the potential for open banking. For more information read full article here: https://lnkd.in/dhaG36W or consult the link below: (90) CIBAFI - ICD Webinar on Open Banking - YouTube

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