'Financial Technologies Integration' Award from CIBAFI to Insha Ventures Financial Technologies!

7 June 2021

We won the 'Financial Technologies Integration' Award from CIBAFI (General Council of Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions) with our financial technology solutions and Albaraka Türk banking integration!

Especially during the pandemic period, competition in digitalization has increased considerably. Organizations that invest in digitalization and can achieve this transformation are leaving their competitors behind. As Insha Ventures, we act with the awareness that our investments in technology and innovation are one of the fundamental dynamics of sustainable development. We would like to thank CIFABI for presenting this valuable award on Albaraka Türk and Insha Ventures financial technologies. We will continue to build innovative solutions that will deserve many more awards around the world.

For further information, please watch the video themed as CIBAFI Award 2021 "Adoption of Financial Technologies" Link

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