PosBasit is Coming to Change the World of E-Commerce

19 July 2021

PosBasit, which we developed as a virtual POS solution, is starting a new era in the world of e-commerce.

We have implemented PosBasit by using the electronic money and payment services license together with the virtual POS infrastructure of Birleşik Ödeme, one of Turkey's first Fintechs to obtain an electronic money license. Our virtual POS solution PosBasit provides innovative payment solutions for e-commerce businesses, marketplaces and individual users.

Offering an e-commerce package for all businesses engaged in e-commerce and planning to enter the e-commerce world, PosBasit saves businesses from costs such as POS installation fee, quota, monthly fee, and fixed fee per transaction. It opens the doors of a new world to businesses with its fast and simple integration, the ability to transact with all banks with a single POS, the options of installment, the ability to receive payments the next day, secure payment with 3D Secure, GO, PCI-DSS compliance, and 24/7 expert team support.

PosBasit will enable the establishment of an e-commerce ecosystem with services such as special courier service, bank account integration, collaborative workspace, social media management, storage space, logistics operations, company establishment, online & offline event agency and cost software.

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